Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thanks everyone!

When I started this blog back in March of this year I had no idea if I'd still be with it in April.

Now it's 10 months later and I'm still at it.

When I started I wasn't sure what path I'd take.

I knew I wasn't going to be posting pictures of half-eaten plates of food on Lincoln Road or stories of my trips to Publix or how I spent my summer vacation. There are blogs that post that kind of stuff and I find them incredibly boring.

All I wanted to do was post a story or two a day that would make my readers laugh or say: "Wow, I didn't know that!"

I also wanted to use the knowledge that I've picked up as a journalist in the past 25 years in this town and shed some light on things that don't get talked about much.

I wasn't looking for tens of thousands of readers.

I just wanted to reach the one office worker on Brickell Avenue, the soccer mom on Key Biscayne and the half dozen or so readers in the Herald newsroom (I know who you are!) who, finding themselves a little bored after lunch, stopped for a minute or two to see what was on my mind.

I knew when I started this I wasn't going to be getting any journalism awards and certainly no one was going to be offering me any six-figure book deals.

But I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I clicked on New Times Riptide 2.0 and learned that New Times writer Kyle Munzenrieder called this blog (along with Carlos Miller's blog) "two of Miami's best blogs."

And that makes everything I've done for the past 10 months worth every minute.

And if you're one of the several hundred people who stop by a few times a day; thanks! I hope you like what you see here and that you'll stick with me. I'll try to do better!

Here's hoping everyone has a great Christmas!


  1. what about photographers on Brickell Ave? PKS in Archer, Fla. told me about your blog, nice work.


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