Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's totally unnecessary Miami Herald front page story

Formerly "hip" Miamians having fun AND saving money by partying at home!

The Herald reports today on its front page that because of a slowing economy Miami's "hip crowd is bypassing the $15 drinks at the bar in favor of mixing them at home for less money."
"We've been forced to look at different alternatives, but we found we can get creative," said [Manuel] Vacas, 28, who recently found a job doing accounting for a property management company. "It's more personal. It's more intimate. We're probably having more fun this way."
Now there's some earth-shaking news you can use.

The Herald somehow managed to find an accountant who discovered it's cheaper - and "probably more fun" - to buy liquor and mixers and stay at home rather than spend hundreds of dollars for the same drinks at a club!

The only question the Herald's Elaine Walker doesn't answer in her top-notch example of investigative journalism: Are Vacas and his home bound friends any less "hip" now that they don't go to clubs?

I can't wait for the follow-up!

Note to Herald editors: Don't forget to include this gem in your Pulitzer package!

FOOTNOTE: Maybe it's just me, but perhaps it's stories like this that are causing the Herald's subscriber base to keep shrinking.

And while the Herald's website ranks in the top 25 of newspaper sites I think it's telling that visitors are spending increasingly less time on the site. Could the recent "re-design" have something to do with that?

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