Monday, April 27, 2009

Circulation continues to plummet at the Herald

Circulation figures released today for the nation's newspapers are "showing that the largest metros continue to shed daily and Sunday circulation -- now at a record rate."

This also holds true for the Miami Herald. Editor and Publisher magazine reports, "daily circulation at The Miami Herald fell 15.8% to 202,122. Sunday is down 13.1% to 270,166."

However that reported daily number of 202,122 is slightly at odds with a Herald story from a month ago when the Herald's Andres Viglucci reported, "[el Nuevo Herald] circulation has been holding relatively steady as The Miami Herald's -- now at around 190,000 daily and 275,000 Sunday -- has plunged."

Is the Herald "fudging" their numbers?

The Herald, which was once the largest and most influential paper in the state, is now third in circulation behind the St. Petersburg Times and Orlando Sentinel. Yes, the Orlando Sentinel!

To see how the Herald's numbers stack up against other U.S. papers click here.

(Bob Norman of Broward New Times takes a look at the Herald's declining numbers here.)

I'm not sure what the business plan at the Herald is. Their circ numbers continue to decline along with the overall quality of the journalism they're producing.

The only thing I am certain of is that firing experienced journalists won't reverse the decline in circulation.

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