Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The John Timoney story no one wants to read

We all remember John Timoney...right?

America's Worst Cop?

The "Junkyard Dog" who forgot to read the constitution before he trampled on demonstrators' right of free assembly during the FTAA in Miami in 2003?

The guy who drove a Lexus for free for 15 months until he was outed by Gary Nelson at CBS4?

The guy who mobilized the entire Miami Police Dept. to look for the thief who stole his wife's purse?

Yeah, that John Timoney.

He's been laying low lately.

But Miami Reuters bureau reporter Tom Brown has found him and interviewed him. But apparently no one wants to read it.

I could find only one link to it on the 'net. And that's because it was on the Reuters website!

I emailed a journalist friend today and kidded her because she didn't get the interview.

She responded that journalists call this kind of story a "beat sweetener."

"A gratuitously flattering profile[s] that a reporter writes about a government official in the hope that it will encourage...that reporter's access to the official in question."

Timoney doesn't give many interviews to pesky reporters.

But Reuters' Tom Brown found a way to get one.

Apparently he agreed to not ask the chief any tough questions!

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