Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Herald's Anders Gyllenhaal sends Random Pixels a "Dear John"

Miami Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal sends Random Pixels a note:
"Bill, Please be so kind as to take me off your email list. I make it a point to keep up with informed and responsible criticism of the paper, which is invaluable. I can see that's not your interest when you find fault with virtually anything this dedicated, capable staff takes on. Anders"
Looks like the pressure is getting to him.

My response:
Thanks for your note Anders.

I call things the way I see 'em.

However you are mistaken on one point.

I don't always find fault with everything the Herald does.

Just when you screw up.

I guess you didn't take the time to read my post where I TRIED to call your paper and alert you to a major breaking story here on Miami Beach on April 6th only to be rebuffed by one of your editors.

However in that same post I praised the work of David Ovalle.

Or this post [also] on Ovalle's fantastic work.

And maybe you didn't see my post back in September praising the work of Pat Farrell.

And I guess you missed my piece that raved about the work that Tim Chapman does, day in and day out.

To say I always find fault is disingenuous.

And I'm sorry, I didn't get the memo you sent saying that bloggers should only post positive things about the Herald. Perhaps you can resend that.

I know things are bad over there...but please don't take it out on me.
By the way Anders, it looks like you guys missed another one. Or am I not allowed to say that?

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