Monday, June 08, 2009

Blogging about blogging

A story in the NY Times Sunday about bloggers who give up blogging contained this interesting fact:
According to a 2008 survey by Technorati, which runs a search engine for blogs, only 7.4 million out of the 133 million blogs the company tracks had been updated in the past 120 days. That translates to 95 percent of blogs being essentially abandoned, left to lie fallow on the Web, where they become public remnants of a dream — or at least an ambition — unfulfilled.
More than a few of those former bloggers apparently thought they were going to get rich or have a huge following of readers hanging on their every word.
“I was always hoping more people would read it, and it would get a lot of comments,” [Judy] Nichols said recently by telephone, sounding a little betrayed. “Every once in a while I would see this thing on TV about some mommy blogger making $4,000 a month, and thought, ‘I would like that.’ ”
For the record, we here at Random Pixels blog for neither money nor fame. But if any of that should come our way....

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