Monday, June 22, 2009

Miami's condos...full or empty?

The answer to that question depends on what day you read the Herald.

Thursday, June 11, 2009: Downtown Miami condos filling up fast, report says

With dark windows dulling Miami's twinkling skyline, newly built condo towers may look ghostly. But that's changing as the downtown area quickly fills up with flesh-and-blood residents.

Although condo sales remain sluggish, renters are marching in to help lighten things up. Sales are picking up, too.

An occupancy report released Wednesday, commissioned by the Miami Downtown Development Authority, found that 62 percent of the new condos built since 2003 are, in fact, inhabited by humans.
Eleven days later the Herald finds all of those filled-up condos are now mysteriously empty.

Monday, June 22, 2009: Condo dwellers finding empty buildings

Joshua Hamann jokingly compares himself to the last human in a city overrun by zombies. He's not suggesting his neighbors are zombies. The problem is, he has no neighbors.

Hamann dwells in a newly opened condo. And in the six weeks since moving into the gleaming new Everglades on the Bay in downtown Miami, he has felt pretty lonely. Hamann occupies one of only about 50 sold condos in his 49-story tower, out of 409 units.

A couple miles north at Midtown Miami, Alisha Marks knows the same feeling. ''It was pretty much a ghost town when I got here,'' she says.
It might be just a coincidence but Broward New Times has an empty-condo story in this week's issue. Not that the Herald would "borrow" story ideas from another paper.


  1. Well, this is one of those glass half empty or half full situations. It all depends on which reporter who doesn't read his/her own paper is writing the story.

  2. That is a classic. What a perfect example of the lack of context, continuity, or perspective missing from so much of our mainstream reporting.

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