Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DeFede has new details about the cat killing case

CBS4 's Jim DeFede has just posted an item on his station's website that reveals the case against accused cat killer Tyler Weinman may be entirely circumstantial:
"The case against accused serial cat killer Tyler Weinman is based entirely on circumstantial evidence and could depend on the county crime lab's ability to adapt DNA and other forensic tests typically used for human victims to animals.


"While none of the individual pieces of evidence uncovered by investigators provide clear and compelling proof of Weinman's guilt, prosecutors are hoping that when taken in totality, the evidence will point to Weinman as one of the people responsible for the torture and mutilation of at least nineteen cats.

"They are also hoping items found during a search of Weinman's home – including several knives discovered hidden in Weinman's bedroom – will provide them the proof they will need."
Note that DeFede uses the word "hoping" twice in those first few paragraphs.

Loks like prosecutor Von Zamft has his work cut out for him.

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