Thursday, August 06, 2009

Carlos Alvarez and the Kodak moment UPDATE

Miami New Times pit bull-in-residence, Frank Alvarado has filed a preliminary update on who stays and who goes from the executive suite at county hall.

You'll recall that last month Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Alvarez announced that because of an anticipated $427 million budget shortfall, approximately 1,700 of the county's 30,000 employees would lose their jobs.

Alvarado says: "I submitted a public records request asking for the positions Alvarez is eliminating from his office and from County Manager George Burgess's office. I also requested a list of all the county executives earning six-figure salaries who report directly to Alvarez and Burgess."

Alvarado has learned that "only two out of 19 individuals earning six-figure salaries will lose their jobs."

You can read the rest of his report here.

One thing in Alvarado's report caught our eye: "No more staged photo ops for the mayor now that he gave his photographer, Ricardo Garcia, who earned $76,000 a year, the boot. Garcia is one of seven employees in the mayor's and manager's offices who will lose their jobs."

So I guess that means Miami-Dade county residents will have to muddle through their daily lives without great photos like this.

You may recall that Random Pixels humbly suggested last month that Alvarez fire his "personal photographer."

So while we're not taking credit for the axing of the mayor's photographer, we do know from the Stat Counter that tracks this blog's traffic, that that particular post was widely read at county hall.

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