Monday, August 03, 2009

This just in...Carol Rosenberg not guilty!

Miami Herald correspondent Carol Rosenberg

An exhaustive **cough cough** "internal Miami Herald investigation has exonerated" the Miami Herald's Guantánamo reporter Carol Rosenberg.
Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg will continue to cover the U.S. military following an investigation into allegations by a Navy public affairs officer that she verbally abused and sexually harassed him at Guantánamo Bay.

In a letter Monday to the Pentagon, Miami Herald Vice President of Human Resources Elissa Vanaver wrote that the newspaper's internal investigation "did not find corroboration" for the complaint of sexual harassment and abusive behavior made last month by Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon.
The results of the Herald's "investigation" were posted late Monday on the paper's website. (NOTE: The Herald keeps posting the story and then removing it from the site. This as of as of 8:30pm.)

The Herald story, written by staffer Jack Dolan offers no explanation by Rosenberg of the events that prompted the navy commander's complaint.

Rosenberg does say that she has "been heartened by an outpouring of support by both the uniformed military who have followed my coverage, and journalists who covered the story."

Dolan quotes Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal as saying that the paper's investigation "found some inconsistencies in [Gordon's] version of events."

(One note of interest here: Except for today's report, the only other Herald mention of this incident was a three sentence brief that ran in the Herald on July 25, which one former Herald editor called "misleading.")

Dolan's story chalks up the incident to a conflict between a reporter and a government official which he says is not "uncommon."

And Gyllenhaal, in a paradigm of the art of understatement says, "we could not help but conclude that this is a relationship between two people that has gotten off track."

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