Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WWE cleans up its act

The Los Angeles Times reported today that World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. has turned vanilla.

Chairman Vince McMahon "doesn't even like the word 'wrestler' anymore. He prefers 'performer' or 'superstar' or 'diva' to describe his stable of talent."
Gone is much of the sexual innuendo, over-the-top trash talk, blood-splattering bouts and scantily clad female wrestlers that fueled the WWE's "Attitude Era" of 10 years ago when the company was locked in a death match with Ted Turner's rival wrestling outfit, World Championship Wrestling, which McMahon eventually bought out.
Why am I telling you this?

Because it gives me an excuse to post some great shots (see above) I took few years ago right here on Miami Beach of one of the WWE's stars - Maria Kanellis - before she got famous in the WWE....and naked for Playboy.

The Times says of Maria:
"Kanellis, one of the WWE's 'diva' wrestlers, used to perform in lingerie but these days tries to dress "a little more sophisticated" for her matches.

'The guys miss it, but that's how it goes,' she said.

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