Friday, October 16, 2009

Failing newspaper hits rock bottom

UPDATE: Answer to the questions below: Miami Sun Post.

What South Florida weekly newspaper stiffed numerous staffers and freelancers this year and still owes them thousands in back pay?

What South Florida weekly newspaper deducted taxes and social security from employees' pay checks but never sent the money to the IRS?

What South Florida weekly newspaper is misstating its circulation in order to keep big advertisers like CVS and Home Depot?

What South Florida weekly newspaper has not paid its printers and continually switches firms to avoid paying for printing services?

What South Florida weekly newspaper frequently switches banks in order to keep one step ahead of creditors?

What South Florida weekly newspaper's management has been called "criminal" by former staffers.

Find the answers to these and other questions soon at Miami New Times. (HINT: New Times is not the answer...they will have the answer.)


  1. I don't get it. Why don't you just tell us the answer?

  2. Do I win anything if I say "Sun-Post?"

  3. It's more fun this way!

    But you can probably figure it out! ;)

  4. Rick and CLJ are the winners! No more calls please!


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