Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Random Pixels recognizes....

...Jack Dolan, Matthew Haggman and Rob Barry of The Miami Herald.

The trio received the gold award in the third annual Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism it was announced Wednesday.
"Borrowers Betrayed" by Jack Dolan, Matthew Haggman and Rob Barry of The Miami Herald received the top gold award of $5,000.

A nine-month investigation and resulting series uncovered poor oversight by Florida mortgage regulators that permitted thousands of individuals with criminal records to conduct business in the state's home loan industry. Starting with the tragic case of a single mother who lost her home because of a crooked broker, the Herald expanded its probe to ultimately topple one of Florida's most powerful commissioners.

"The Herald really nailed this investigation, uncovering a unique angle on the theme of the year," the judges said in their assessment of the work. "It found a staggering degree of nonfeasance on the part of the state, bringing perpetrators to life and showing the human impact of misdeeds."

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