Monday, October 05, 2009

A scary Halloween at One Herald Plaza?

from the Poynter Institute's Biz blog, by Rick Edmonds:
The most recent six-month period for measuring newspaper circulation ended last Wednesday. It takes a month or so to assemble the results, so watch for actual numbers around Halloween. I'm sticking my neck out only a little in predicting they will be a veritable house of horrors."

But what does this mean for the Herald?

The last report in April showed the Herald's daily circulation dropping 15.8% to 202,122; and Sunday's was down 13.1% to 270,166.

But as Edmonds points out, "This is the first six-month period likely to show the full effect of the recession on customers who have chosen to cancel subscriptions or buy the paper less frequently."

The new numbers are likely to show the Herald's daily circulation slipping well below 200,000 for the first time in memory.

Not good news for a paper that in 1981 boasted a daily circulation of 421,236.

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