Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Neil Rogers having serious health problems

Very troubling news for anyone who ever listened to and enjoyed WQAM talk show host Neil Rogers.

The Sun-Sentinel's Tom Jicha reports:
Local broadcasting legend Neil Rogers is having serious health issues and will undergo open heart surgery on Friday at Westside Regional Hospital.

Rogers, 68, has been living in Toronto in recent years but has maintained a home in Plantation Acres. Rogers suffered a stroke and heart attack in October but seemed to be recovering.. “His condition has worsened since Thanksgiving,” Norman Kent, his friend and attorney, said.
The past few days, Rogers has lapsed in and out of consciousness, according to Kent. When he has been awake, Kent said, there are periods when he is the old sharp-minded Neil, complaining about every little issue. As recently as Sunday, Rogers called Kent at home late at night and asked him to come and get him because he was checking himself out of the hospital, said Kent, who talked Rogers out of it.

A look back at some great Neil Rogers moments:

from 1987-Hollywood city commissioner tries to get WINZ's license revoked because of Neil's "comments about sex."

from 1987-Neil apologizes to Rick Shaw for calling him a "Nazi."

from 1981-WNWS is robbed while Neil is on the air.

from 1980-Neil pisses off Miami Catholic Archdioese.

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