Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Random Pixels cold weather survival guide

It's winter in South Florida.

So, you know what that means. Local TV anchors will start using terms like "Arctic blast" and "frigid temps" anytime the mercury dips below 70 degrees.

And when it reaches 65, we'll see our neighbors wearing scarves and mittens. We never do anything in moderation here in So Fla.

However, the National Weather Service has announced that a wind chill alert is in effect from late Monday night through Tuesday morning. Temperatures could dip to the mid-40's! OMG!!!!

The only thing I fear more than the cold weather is the ridiculous "the sky-is-falling" coverage that we'll surely get from our local TV stations on Tuesday morning.

Starting with the late Monday night newscasts, weathermen will offer tips like "bring all your plants and animals inside." But is that really enough to survive the season's first cold snap? Of course not!

Let's check with a real expert for tips on how to get through Tuesday morning's "icy Arctic blast" without getting frostbite.

Julia O'Malley of the Anchorage Daily News has compiled a list of the "100 Ways to Have the Best Winter Ever!"

Number 3: Make friends with someone who owns a hot tub.

Number 5: Shovel someone else's driveway.

Number 12: Snowball fight!

O'Malley also reminds her readers that daylight in Alaska only lasts 6 hours.

With that in mind, number 48 on the list is "notice the moon." With 18 hours of winter darkness in Alaska, I'm guessing they notice the moon a lot!

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel warmer already!

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