Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miami Herald to readers: 'Sure you're getting screwed. But why not relax and enjoy the view?'

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"If [rape is] inevitable, just relax and enjoy it"
-Texas gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams in 1990.

After reading the above editorial in today's Miami Herald, I am compelled to ask one question - with apologies to Barney Frank - of Myriam Marquez and her colleagues on the editorial board: "On what planet do you folks spend most of your time?"

Miami-Dade voters just fired an incompetent mayor, county unemployment is hovering at around 13% or more, the new mayor is cutting back on vital services while grappling with a $400 million budget deficit and you offer readers this drivel?
When the sun hits the silver dome just right it can look like a gigantic spaceship hovering over Miami.


Whatever your view, the Marlins Stadium going up in Little Havana has brought a decidedly new and exciting look to the Miami skyline where the Orange Bowl once rose.


A recent tour of the ballpark, now almost two-thirds complete, showed off the modernistic design with a fabulous view of downtown [Miami]. From the pool that will be dug behind the left field wall for fans to splash around in to plazas on the east and the west, which will be open for neighborhood use daily, the stadium captures the imagination. With time, it may just capture residents’ hearts.
On his Facebook page today, Miami public relations executive Seth Gordon  posted a link to a Wall Street Journal story that he calls "a real world counterweight to the fluffy Valentine to the Marlins Ballpark deal in today's Miami Herald."

And, in an obvious reference to the editorial's flowery prose, Gordon adds: "Somehow all the stupidity and deception gets washed away if the place is pretty and offers nice views of downtown."

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  1. The spaceship imagery is good, given that it was a squad of space cadets in our governments that brought us this illusion of wealth.


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