Friday, July 15, 2011

They shoot jaywalkers, don't they?

Eighty-six years ago, at least one Miami cop took a rigid, zero-tolerance stance when it came to jaywalking in the downtown area.

On Friday afternoon July 10, 1925, Officer L.M. Johnson spotted two men walking against a red light at West Flagler and N.W. 2nd Ave. After they ignored his orders to stop, he fired four shots, two into the ground and two in the air. One of the bullets struck one of the men.

Johnson retreated to the police station, followed by an angry mob of witnesses to the shooting, anxious to press charges.


  1. "wouldnt pay attention to me" "struck him" "suspended (with pay i'm sure"...sounds about the same mentality today! wow, we've come so ar! i wonder if he stomped his feet first before he fired?

  2. Documentary about jaywalking from 1970. Pretty funny. Zero tolerance indeed.

    1. Thanks for that video....I'm going to post it!


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