Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old guys do it better

The CBS Evening News led the broadcast tonight with a 3 and a half minute report on what everyone was talking about today: the phone hacking hearings in London.

But it really wasn't necessary to watch the entire thing

In his lead-in, anchor Bob Sheiffer managed to sum up the day's events in three beautifully written sentences that made at least one veteran newsman sit up and take notice.
"Well, Rupert Murdoch called it the most humbling day of his life, and he said he was sorry but it wasn't his fault and he wasn't resigning. Then, someone hit him with a cream pie. That about summed up the Parliamentary hearing..."
From Tallahassee, former Miami Herald staffer Marty Merzer wrote on his Facebook page: "You don't hear that kind of writing anywhere on TV anymore. And you rarely see it in print. A shame."

I agree Marty.

All you cub reporters out there, listen to the old guys...they know what they're talking about.

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  1. Inquiries? We don't need no stinkin' inquiries! CBS will tell us to the Murdockhs ran this evil scheme from the top. Liz Palmer noted that papa and son said “sorry," but she said they “didn’t admit knowing" about the criminal acts in their newsrooms. So she knows they know, and if they would just fess up CBS could justify its righteousness. Again, who needs inquiries?
    And even though it was shaving foam, I guess calling it a "cream pie" makes a better intro. That’s only a small CBS-stretch of the facts.
    Plus I saw no evidence that Rupert was hit with the foam (the wielder certainly got a face full). I guess removing his jacket was proof to some that he got a little splatter. But this will be reported forever as another fun “pie in the face” of a big shot.


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