Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here's a list of Miami-Dade County employees who received lay-off notices this week

UPDATE: Miami New Times staff writer Frank Alvarado doesn't think there's much difference between Mayor Carlos Gimenez and his predecessor.

Random Pixels has obtained a list of 555 Miami-Dade employees who received lay-off notices this week.

According to a note attached to the list, it's "comprised of 555 employees – 290 with classified service rights and 265 with no classified service rights. Those individuals with N/A under new department and new title have been referred to pipeline transition."

One notable name on the list is Victoria Mallette O'Bryan. O'Bryan was once Mayor Carlos Alvarez's $125,000 a year director of communications.

When Alvarez was recalled by county voters last March, O'Bryan was transferred to the County's Office of Emergency Management and given the title of "Emergency Management Governmental Coordinator." Her salary: $85,020 a year.

Of course, as we've learned in the past, losing your cushy county job doesn't really mean you lose your cushy county job as the Miami Herald's Martha Brannigan explained in today's paper:
Roughly 40 of the 555 pink slips delivered to employees last week reflected the elimination of duplication “in administration, back-of-house and IT-type jobs’’ resulting from the reorganization. Under civil-service rules, many of those workers will have a chance to bump others from jobs or to fill funded vacancies.

Layoff Report 10-12-11 Public Record Req


  1. This list is fascinating not because of the people that appear on the list, but because of the people who do not. Where are all of the overpaid executives who appeared on your list of 3,301 county employees making over $100k? Where are the Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, and Assistant to the Directors, especially from those departments that have been merged with others? Where are the employees from the Mayor’s office, the Budget office, and the HR Department?

    Instead of the county fatcats with big salaries, we find a list chock full of data entry specialists and library assistants, which are among the lowest paid employees in the county.

    Once again, the politically-connected “haves” prosper, while the unconnected “have-nots” get the shaft. Such unfairness.

    P.S. Great job for posting yet another scoop.

  2. This list is very telling. These poor people are at the mercy of the lazy fatcats making the decisions. I worked there in the old days and when I left I thought it would be better than dying from seeing how that place had crumbled and those administrators who are your worst nightmare on a good day! What a bunch of cunning thieves.

  3. Carlos Gimenez promised that the County Budget will be balanced. It would be good to know how much money the County is saving with the actual layoffs, not the re-located people. The actual people in the street know didn't make more than 30 or 40 thousand a year. They are employees with no senority in the County service, and have been bumped by older employees that, of course, make much more money. The rest is B.S.

  4. There are no county executives on the list because they are the ones writing the department and division budgets. County executives will never propose a budget that cuts themselves.

    Gimenez needs to directly intervene and force layoffs on the 500+ county executives that are proportional to those experienced by the rank and file.


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