Monday, October 17, 2011

Miami: So much to see, so little time

You know the feeling.

You have guests coming to visit you in Miami for the first time.

They want to see the city, but they're only going to be here a few days and you've already packed their schedule with visits to restaurants and relatives.

But, if you can find four hours, you can show them the city and not even break a sweat.

Or, as the Miami Herald says in a story posted today on the paper's website, you can see "A century [of Miami] in four hours."

Writing about the Miami Tour Company, Herald staffer Lidia Dinkova says that locals pick the popular tour company to show off Miami to their out-of-town friends.

Miami Tour driver/guide Jim Moore told the Herald, "“It gives them the character of the city rather than just one little stroll down Ocean Drive.”

I can attest to everything Jim says.

I've been a Miami Tour Company guest on two occasions

And I'll be riding with with them a third time next month when friends come into town.

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