Friday, October 07, 2011

If you hated Urban Beach Weekend.....


Bad news for all of you who think Urban Beach Weekend on Miami Beach is a terrible idea.

It now has a bastard stepchild and it's headed this way! Just in time for Spring Break 2012.

Some savvy organizers have reconstituted "Freaknik," Atlanta's rowdy 80's and 90's version of Urban Beach Weekend that wore out its welcome there some years back. And they're promising to bring it to Miami. Which of course means Miami Beach. runs it down:
Vacation places are the norm for anyone looking to have fun, create lasting memories and enjoy themselves in a warm climate. Most of these places were always near large bodies of water, preferably the beach; however, in the early to mid 1990’s summertime in Atlanta Georgia was the place to be. Freaknik wasn’t just your typical event that brought down people from all walks of life to Atlanta, Georgia but it was the ONLY event that most young adults looked forward to.

Unfortunately, local Atlanta legislature felt that this event, was becoming too extreme for city therefore Freaknik after 1999 has become only a distant memory to those old enough to remember its festivities. Freaknik has been the legend that will always be remembered.

It is said that “Legends never die,” so coming in spring 2012 we are bringing you a Freaknik experiences bigger, badder, and sexier, then you have ever known before. Only this time, we are taking Freaknik to a place that it has never been, a place that can only house a Freaknik of this magnitude… MIAMI, FLORIDA. Prepare for the ride of your lives as we bring you Freaknik Miami.

We guarantee this is one event of the Spring you do not want to miss. This is the very first Freaknik Miami, so we welcome all to come join us along South Beach to be a part this historic event. Please book your spaces with us as soon as possible as we expect an influx of traffic onto this site.
The organizers of Freaknik Miami have come up with a unique idea that all but guarantees that many of celebrants arriving in Miami Beach will be pre-inebriated and properly sh*tfaced the minute they arrive.
The $350.00 package for Freaknik includes the following: On Thursday March 8, 2012 at 12:00 am chartered buses equipped with tv’s and card tables will leave from Atlanta stocked with premium alcohol that you can enjoy on the ride to Miami with unlimited drinks (booze cruise) . When u arrive to Miami you will check in your designated rooms among the four hotels associated with Freaknik Miami where u will find a complimentary bottle for your Freaknik Miami experience. You will leave Miami sunday at 12pm to return to Atlanta with more complimentary drinks on the chartered bus as u return.
One Miami Beach activist, upon learning of the Freaknik event remarked, "Why don't we just turn over the keys to the city to them?"

I don't know about you, but....



  1. Wow. You know, around the time of UBW this year, I was reading up on Freaknik to see how Atlanta handled a festival out of control. And now it's heading here.

    I sincerely hope that the city of Miami Beach gets a grip on managing events and non-events.

  2. Make Miami Beach a private gated community. n this way we do not have to deal with that shit.


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