Sunday, February 05, 2012

They said it

“I think it’s terrible and it’s disgusting and now I’m going to throw up.” -Miami Beach City Commissioner Ed Tobin's reaction to a proposal by Tremont Towing and Beach Towing to raise fees the towing companies are allowed to charge for towing cars.

“The towing industry has been vilified. There’s been attacks and all sorts of aspersions cast on the industry, which we believe are unwarranted, unfair and which will hopefully cease in the near future.” -Rafael Andrade, Beach Towing’s pro bono attorney.

“It’s really not this multi-million dollar profiting business that’s been implied, in an way shape or form, at least not in the last four years.” -Andrew Mirmelli, who says his mother recently invested in Tremont.

Read the complete story by the Miami Herald's David Smiley by clicking here.

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