Monday, February 06, 2012

And the Random Pixels award for the most asinine statement of the week....

...goes to Officer Michael Pons of the North Miami Beach Police Department.

Pons, is also the local representative for the International Union of Police Associations and he's upset that his employer is taking away his take-home police vehicle which will require him to drive to work in his own car.

The new money-saving policy affects about 89 North Miami beach cops according to a Miami Herald story.
For about five years, Officer Michael Pons of the North Miami Beach Police Department drove the same patrol vehicle to work from his home in Broward.

He drove about 56,000 miles in that time.
Pons believes the city has it all wrong. He told the Herald.....
...Officers reporting for their shifts will now be required to transfer equipment such as laptops and safety gear to the city vehicle. He said at the start of each shift, each car needs to be checked for things like tire pressure and oil levels.
Really, Michael? You check your police car's tire pressure and oil levels before the start of each shift? Cut the crap!

That is, quite possibly, the most asinine thing we've heard so far this year! You are a dumbass!

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