Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is this really a good idea?

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The Miami Beach Police Department is struggling to repair its battered image.

Remember the wild west shoot-out last Memorial Day weekend? And who can forget the two cops who decided it would be a great idea to crash a July 4th weekend bachelorette party at the Clevelander....while they were on duty and in uniform?

It will be years before the MBPD can undo the damage caused by those two incidents.

So, you'd think those in charge at the department would be careful about doing anything that might give the impression that they're not serious about making changes.

Guess again!

This weekend, some folks at the police department have invited South Beach residents to what they are calling a "Meet and Greet 'get together' with your Sector 3 MBPD police officers!" Refreshments and appetizers provided!

And where is this "meet and greet" taking place? At a conference room at the police department? Of course not!

Someone in charge decided it would be a good idea for cops and the citizens they serve to mingle at the Finnegan's Way Sports Bar on Ocean Drive.

Yeah, Ocean Drive...where the world comes to get sh*t-faced!

But, just because a couple of knucklehead cops couldn't hold their booze... that's no reason to keep the rest of the police force from enjoying some....."refreshments and appetizers" with the good citizens of South Beach. Right?

Something tells me this is not going to end well.

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