Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Miami Beach City Manager Jorge Gonzalez confronts his critics

UPDATED May 8, 2012 @ 5:30pm: The Miami Herald's David Smiley tweets:

-via CBS4's David Sutta:
Miami Beach City Manager Jorge Gonzalez "waded into an angry crowd Tuesday [at David's Cafe on South Beach] for what was to be an opportunity to defend himself against charges that he’s failing at the job he’s held for a dozen years.

But in the end, he served mostly as a punching bag for residents angry about police misconduct, the disruption of Urban Beach Weekend, and a new scandal in the city code enforcement office. Residents angry with Gonzalez share that anger with the city’s mayor, Matti Bower, a Gonzalez backer.

“We are not a lynch mob,” said resident Mike Burke. “We are the people, and we are exercising our first amendment right. Freedom of assembly and freedom of speech and we will not be intimidated no matter how many policeman Matti Bower travels around with as her personal body guard.”

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  1. About time the Commission took this action. As an applicant for City Employment, I would not have worked for this jerk even if they paid me with gold coins! He is arrogant and does not know how to relate to people.
    An applicant from California!


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