Monday, May 21, 2012

Owner of Mangos Tropical Cafe plans early closures this Memorial Day weekend

The owner of a popular Ocean Drive watering hole told Channel 7 News today that he's throwing in the towel and closing a part of his business this Memorial Day weekend.

According to Channel 7's Rosh Lowe, "some businesses will not even be opened for the weekend. Mangos Tropical Cafe, a popular hot spot on South Beach, plans to close its outdoor patio early, starting Friday night, to help ensure the safety of patrons."

David Wallack, the owner of Mangos told Lowe...
...[he has] planned...closures for Friday and Saturday night because of massive crowds that have flooded his business every year during the Memorial Day weekend. "Maybe Sunday as well," he said. "There is just a phenomenon that has been going on for, I would say, the last two years for sure. We call it 'Human Tsunamis'. They're a panic-run of literally hundreds of people."


  1. Cannot blame a business if the cost to it's employees,customers and infrastructure negate being open.

  2. The panic-runs are just mass dine and dashes. I'd close too rather than put up with that nonsense.

  3. Many of these people dont pay for their meals/drinks anyway


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