Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Day Winners and Losers

Winners: South Florida voters.....

By now, we've all heard about Gov. Rick Scott's sleazy, criminal and repeated, efforts to clear Florida's voter rolls of minorities and non-Republicans...and even active-duty service members

Scott compunded his contempt for voters by refusing to allow early voting on the Sunday before the election.

Take all that, and then throw in a long, complicated ballot, and South Floridians were greeted Tuesday with unprecedented long lines at the polls.

But, in the face of all those roadblocks, voters showed up in force. Some of you got lucky and were able to exercise your right in less than an hour. But many of you had to wait as long as 7 hours to vote.

So, all of you who put up with that crap, go ahead give yourself a big pat on the back. Drinks are on me!

Voters were in line at 4am to vote at precinct 797 at Miami-Dade Fire
Station # 56 at 16250 SW 72 Street. (Miami Herald photo by
Tim Chapman.)

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Losers: Gov. Rick Scott, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the Miami Herald.....

Rick Scott: see above.

Carlos Gimenez: Perhaps CBS4's Jim DeFede said it best when he tweeted Sunday that Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez - Gov. Scott's South Florida Republican operative -  is "a bureaucrat, not a leader."

"Bureaucrats worry about procedures. Mayors worry about people," wrote DeFede.

Paging Norman Braman...perhaps it's time to mount another recall. Someone needs to lose their job over how things were mishandled on Sunday and yesterday. Maybe we should start at the top.

The Miami Herald: This one also comes to us from Jim DeFede's Twitter feed... "Big loser - besides GOP - was The Miami Herald and its pollster Mason-Dixon. They were wildly off on FLA polls."

Last night, one of my Facebook friend posted this: "I hope that whoever paid for that Mason-Dixon poll (Romney wins Florida by six points) that a certain newspaper highlighted this weekend hasn't mailed the check yet."

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