Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When did Florida become the nation's 'Weird News Capital?'

There's no dispute...when it comes to weird news, Florida is the nation's "Weird News Capital."

There's so much strange sh*t going on in Flor-i-DUH, that some newspaper websites catalog it all on blogs that are updated daily.

But, here's my question: When did someone start noticing that Florida seemed to have more than its share of wacky news?

Maybe it all started in May of 1984 when the "Today Show" aired this interview with June O'Brien of "Boca Rattan" who claimed her toaster was possessed by Satan. How did she know?

Well, it spoke to her in a "very low voice" that "sounded like Eli Wallach," of course!

Best part of the clip comes at 0:54 when the interviewer asks June why she's kept a "possessed" toaster.

The website Gawker.com calls this "The Greatest Interview in Television History."

Can't argue with that.

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