Thursday, November 29, 2012

President Obama is coming for your guns. No, really, this time he's serious!

The other day Fox News hottie Anna Kooiman interviewed a New Jersey gun shop owner who attributed a recent spike in gun sales to Hurricane Sandy and Barack Obama's re-election.

(The best part of Kooiman's report is the sound of gunfire obliterating every other word of her stand up. Personally, I think Fox News should use this device more often.)

And while the reporter doesn't follow up on the gun shop owner's thinly-veiled claim that Obama's re-election might be a threat to Americans' second amendment rights, the implication is unmistakable.  But, isn't this something we've heard before?

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  1. It's funny. My uncle, a conservative veteran, was making this same argument. I pointed out that Obama has been involved in exactly ONE bill that dealt with the right to bear arms; he sponsored an Illinois law to make it easier for veterans and retired police officers to carry their firearms.
    "Whatever, that won't help me!" he stormed.
    "But, as a veteran, he would be helping you to exercise your right to bear arms."
    "It's a trick!"

    I don't talk to my uncle anymore. I have no patience with idiots, even if they are related to me through an accident of birth.


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