Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Former Mayor Carlos Alvarez has been getting busy in the gym

Almost two years ago - in March of 2011 - Miami-Dade County voters recalled Mayor Carlos Alvarez. The final count: 183,652 voted to kick him out and 24,796 voted to keep him. It was the most lopsided vote tally in county history.

"I lost by this much."

Since the recall, Alvarez sightings have been few.

But the former mayor, who retired with a big fat pension, didn't spend any time sitting at home sulking over the loss and gorging himself on pastelitos while watching novelas.

Miami New Times has uncovered some pics that show Alvarez competing last November in a body building competition.

Yes, you read that right: a body building competition.

via NorthAmericanBodies.com

Looking at the photos, the first question that comes to mind is: Are they Photoshopped?

At least three Miami journalists have told me they'd heard rumors that Alvarez had been hitting the gym and that he had become "huge."

And a Random Pixels reader told me this morning that she saw Alvarez at Milam's Market in Coconut Grove a few months ago wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She thought it odd that Alvarez's legs appeared to have been shaven.

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