Monday, January 28, 2013

Lives destroyed [UPDATED 1x]

UPDATED at 11:55pm: Tomica bonded out of jail shortly before 11pm Monday evening. Scroll down to bottom of post for video report.

Pictured above in the large photo is 20 year-old Karlie Tomica as she was being booked into the Dade County Jail shortly after 4pm this afternoon. Less than 12 hours before police say she struck and killed Stefano Riccioletti at 18th Street and Collins Ave. on South Beach, leaving him to die in the street.(The smaller inset photo shows a much happier Tomica as pictured on her Twitter page.)

Thanks to a good Samaritan who followed Tomica after the crash, police later caught up with her at her apartment at 56th Street and Collins Ave. and arrested her.

Riccioletti, a 49 year-old father of two, was the executive chef at Terrazza at the Shore Club on South Beach.

Looking at her booking photo, it's obvious Tomica is distraught; but chances are she's not grieving for her victim. The self-described "Party Princess" is probably thinking only of herself and that life as she knew it is over for a very long time.

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Riccioletti's wife, also distraught, must now tell her two kids that their daddy won't be coming home tonight...or ever.

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Tomica told police that she's a part-time bartender at Nikki Beach. Police suspect that she was driving under the influence. After the toxicology reports come back, police say more charges could be added if it turns out she was intoxicated. But if it turns out she wasn't drunk, a legal source tells me that had she stayed on scene all she would have received was a traffic ticket.

Tonight, Tomica sits in jail, charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in a death.

And when she beds down in her jail cell, perhaps it will finally start to sink in that her callous and cruel actions this morning destroyed more than just one life.


  1. How is she a bartender if she is only 20? Is that legal in Florida?

    1. I think as long as a 'licensed bartender' is in eyeshot. Stupid law. Get underage twits like her out of bars.

    2. you only need to be 18 to serve, but 21 to drink

    3. 18 to serve
      21 to pour or drink

  2. She is from my hometown. I remember her being a very nice girl. Its EXTREMELY awful what happened, and I feel deeply for the family.. but I have a hard time believing she isn't grieving over this terrible accident. This article is baised and all around sad.

  3. Horrible, tragic story. Whoever wrote this story though had no right inerjecting how they "thought" the girl was only thinking of herself. We know nothing about her. We know nothing about what happened. My sympathy to the man's family and my heart goes out to the girl and her family. She isn't a "murderer" in the sense of how we think of it, but she killed a man and paniced. Could anyone had hit him? Was it sheer, unconscionable, youth that took this man's life. God Bless all involved. The bottom line is a man, a father, is gone.

    1. @ Anon 7:48 - I wrote this "story." It's my blog and often interject my opinions into my posts. I think developments in the days and weeks ahead will bear out my initial observation on her state of mind.

      We already know that she's underage and was drinking and then compounded that mistake by getting behind the wheel of a car. Stay tuned.

    2. Anon is right and you Bill are wrong, save to say that this is your blog and you can interject as you please.

      Your observations may or may not bear out, however you have no way of knowing her state of mind based on "looking at her booking photo", just because you are a professional photographer.

    3. The fact that I'm a photographer doesn't have any bearing on my opinion. It's just my gut feeling.

      Here are some other opinions you may find interesting.

  4. I personality think and believe your a murder if you hit & run and even when someone is shut or you hurt and you just walk away not knowing what will happen to them. She should have never left the scene, trust me i saw with my own eyes a lady run over a very old man and YES she did panic but didn't leave! She stayed there until the cops showed up AND even went to the hospital with the man. Accidents happen to anybody no doubt but running away makes you look guilty. Besides that my prayers are out to the mans family, (especially his children) !! Also thank you to the witness that followed "the party princess", if not god knows if she would have ever turned herself in.

  5. Many facts of this case are still not known. For all I know the chef stepped out in front of the car without looking, maybe he was also drunk or dog tired after a long shift and not concentrating? Would he have been killed regardless even if she wasn't drunk? One thing is certain she didn't do it on purpose.

  6. Read the news folks, she was reported by an eye witness as being quite drunk and refused a breath test when stopped by police. When the blood test comes back she will likely be charged with DuI manslaughter. Up to 30 years in prison. It's sad all around.


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