Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Anatomy of a Miami murder and its aftermath

A young man was shot and killed in Miami yesterday.

In broad daylight.

In front of witnesses.

No one disputes the basic facts: Brandon Walker, 25, was shot multiple times while riding his bicycle in the area of NW 3rd Ave and 22nd Street.

Police arrived minutes later, covering Walker's body with a yellow tarp and cordoning off the scene with yellow tape. Crime scene technicians started processing and preserving the evidence.

Before long, a TV chopper was hovering over the scene and anyone with a TV set tuned to the 5 o'clock news Monday saw the aftermath unfold.

Minutes later, distraught family members started showing up.

Here's what happened next according to the Miami Herald:
The [helicopter] camera captures Walker’s [younger] brother [Antwan Carl Walker] first rush past the police tape to the body on the sidewalk, which is surrounded by evidence markers pinpointing spent bullet casings.

Several Miami police officers grab him and try to lead him away.

Then Walker’s [older] brother [Anthony Ezel Carl Walker], wearing a white tank top and turquoise shorts, pushes through the yellow police tape and joins the melee, trying to help his older brother now scuffling with up to six officers and detectives.

[Homicide detective Feranando] Bosch, in a white shirt, tie and slacks, grabs and pushes the second Walker brother back to the other side of the yellow police tape.

As he does, Bosch throws three fast punches at the man’s face, briefly chokes him [at 1:51 on the tape below] and then punches him [at 1:57] a fourth time. The final punch is so powerful that it knocks the man to the ground. He's then handcuffed and arrested by a uniformed officer.

As that incident ends, Walker’s mother is seen running to her dead son and trying to lift the tarp to make sure it’s him. She, too, is grabbed by an officer and led away, handcuffed and detained.
At 6pm every station in town leads their newscast with the story and the dramatic footage.

At Local 10, veteran reporter Jeff Weinsier anchors his station's coverage from the newsroom, narrating the footage shot from the helicopter.

Several times, Weinsier mentions that the family members disobeyed police orders while trampling over evidence trying to get to the body of their deceased relative. Weinsier didn't report anything that other Miami stations didn't report.

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Video via Local 10

Last night, Fraternal Order Police president and Miami Police Sgt. Javier Ortiz sent out a press release [embedded below] defending the actions of Detective Bosch. And then, in one unusual paragraph, Ortiz unloaded on Weinsier...misspelling his name in the process:

Click to enlarge.

Late last night, the two men who ran past the police tape were booked into jail.

"Anthony Walker, 28, was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence. Antwan Walker, 27, was charged with resisting an officer without violence," Local 10 reported.

This morning, the Herald reported.....
....Monday night, a tearful [Patricia] Lammos stood over the spot where Walker had died. There were a dozen bullet holes on the bloodstained pavement.

“They told me the shooter stood over him and shot him several times as he lay on the ground,” Lammos said.
If you believe Lammos, quite a few people saw Walker's murder. Let's see if any of them come forward and share what they saw with police.

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