Friday, April 19, 2013

CNN reporter Deborah Feyerick cuts an audition tape for The Daily Show

FROM: Deborah Feyerick, CNN

TO: Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

Dear Jon:

I really, really want to be on your show next week. After all, I'm just as funny as those fake reporters you always have.



“We smell smoke, people running to the center, cars going straight, cars turning to the right. Whether they cordoned off this block, we can see a helicopter that is up in the air. Something has just happened. Police officers are running, we have a dog, a dog that’s on its way. Interesting, that dog is barking. Whether that’s a canine, we don’t know.” -Deborah Feyerick, CNN.

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  1. Peroxide contributed significantly to Deborah's little shitshow.


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