Thursday, April 25, 2013

Miami Herald's move to new building is delayed by one week

Here's an email the Miami Herald's Senior VP of Circulation & Operations, Craig Woischwill, sent to Herald staffers on Tuesday.


We have decided to delay the start of our office staff move to Doral by one week. This affects all three phases of the move.

Timing for receiving the necessary permitting and inspections to move into the Office Building has become too tight to guarantee adequate notice to those of you who were to start moving this Friday. We are still on target to complete all phases of the move before the end of May.

Work won’t slow down at either building. We are pushing hard on detail work, clean up, installation of fixtures and system preliminaries. The result will be a very nearly finished work environment when people arrive.

The move schedule has changed for a small number of work groups, driven by month-end closing and operational needs. Divisional move coordinators will receive an updated schedule tomorrow.

On the production building side, we anticipate approval to begin printing newspapers and operating by the weekend. In all likelihood, we will print our last papers in this building next week.

Lots going on, so thank you for being patient and flexible. We will continue to keep you updated.


Craig Woischwill | Sr VP Circulation & Operations
Miami Herald Media Company

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