Friday, June 07, 2013

Are Justin Bieber's 15 minutes up yet?

Justin Bieber.

So, I'm still trying to figure out what kind of look pop star Justin Bieber was trying to pull off Monday night at the Triple A.

I'm stumped.

But filmmaker Billy Corben tweeted, "Did Birdman just take a dump courtside? No wait. That's Justin Bieber."

Yesterday, I asked Frank Alvarado at Miami New Times to describe the look. "Internet gangster," he told me.

Lesley Abravanel, the Miami Herald's Gossip Maven Extraordinaire said it appeared to her as though Bieber was "the love child of Vanilla Ice and pleather."

Palm Beach Gossip Extra guru, Jose Lambiet was amused by Bieber's bizarre get-up, telling me, "He's obviously trying to appear older, but he doesn't even shave yet for God's sake."

But even more bizarre than Bieber's choice of wardrobe, was his behavior, especially towards some photographers.

Look at what happened when Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz stood up during a break in the action to take a picture of Bieber.

Photograph by Al Diaz/ Miami Herald.

What's the possible explanation for that kind of reaction to a news photographer simply trying doing his job?

And at one point during the evening, Bieber tried to prove his manhood by telling his "bodyguard" to ask a Channel 10 photographer to delete a photo he'd just taken of Bieber with this cell phone camera. The photographer told him that wasn't happening.

And Lambiet reported Wednesday that Bieber‘s bodyguards allegedly roughed up "a paparazzo taking photos of Bieber skateboarding near a North Miami recording studio."

It's time to send this little pr**k back to Canada. 

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