Sunday, June 02, 2013

Miami Herald Deathwatch (cont.)

Un-retouched photo of Real Housewives of Miami
cast member and Twitter Queen, Lisa Hochstein. 


Further proof this morning that the Miami Herald probably has about a year, or less, before it goes out of business.

Here's an actual story headline on page 3B of Sunday's paper: "HOUSEWIFE TAKES TO TWITTER AFTER PARTY."

Here are the first two paragraphs of the "story":
Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lisa Hochstein [see photo above] took to Twitter to send Miami Beach preservationists “a message and the middle finger,” after they complained about a party she recently threw.

Hochstein and her plastic surgeon hubby, Leonard “The Boob God,” hosted a gangster-themed soiree at their 42 Star Island mansion last week — the same home the Miami Design and Preservation League has been fighting to have declared historic before the couple can tear it down.

Note to Herald reporter Christina Veiga: Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward DID NOT - repeat DID NOT - win a Pulitzer by writing garbage like this.


  1. Um. This wasn't a 1A story. If there was ever a time when such fodder didn't find its way into the Herald from time to time -- and yes, even back in the Glory Days -- I'm not aware of it.

  2. This Lisa thing is just beyond unattractive!!


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