Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'I am not a racist'

Earlier today I posted a video of President Obama taking an unannounced stroll through a park last week.

There was nothing political about the video...it was just a nice, unscripted* moment featuring the most powerful man in the world out for a walk. (*As unscripted as you can get with a phalanx of armed-to-the-teeth Secret Service agents in tow, and a bullet-proof limo parked a few yards away.)

But having spent more than a few minutes on Internet forums, I'm aware that the mere sight of this President enjoying himself brings out the worst in people.

Well, it didn't take long for someone to respond to me by email.

Less than four hours after I posted the video, a casual acquaintance who also happens to be a semi well-known Miami-based blogger, sent this: "Was there a point [to this]?"

I responded, "Yes."

Here's how the rest of the exchange went:
Blogger @11:28am: "I missed it then."

Me @11:40am: (Patiently) "Let me explain it then...

"1) It's extremely unusual to see the President walk in public these days.

"2) You can dislike Obama for his policies, but he is still the President of the United States=My Country and My President.

"3) The alternative this last election was a man who avoided service in Viet Nam by going to France while I served in Viet Nam. And while more than 59,000 of my brothers and sisters died there. And he's passed his "patriotism" on to his five sons, none whom have ever served their country in uniform. That turns my stomach

"4) No president is perfect and I don't always agree with everything Obama does...but he's 10,000 % better than Romney.

"Any other questions?"

Blogger @11:49am: "Oh.

"I dislike Obama for his policies.

"I do not dislike him because he's black. {Emphasis mine.]

"I was not a fan of Romney, however I voted for him because I dislike Obama for his policies.

"I am not a racist. [Emphasis mine.]

"So there."
So I wrote back and asked this person why they felt the need to point out they're not "racist" when I never brought up the subject.

Fasten your seat belts, folks, this is where it gets good.

Blogger @12:38pm: "I pointed it out because the standard liberal response to people who don't like Obama's policies is, "You're a racist."

"I did not dislike the video. I just didn't get it."

So there you have it...the President of the United States can't even go for a walk on a sunny day and say hello to some folks without some right-winger getting their panties in a bunch, spitting venom and accusing me of being a liberal.

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  1. The overcompensation for the subconscious racism is pretty obvious by telling you twice "I'm not a racist," but the cherry on top is the final "So there." That's a third-grader talking.


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