Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Q: Whatever happened to the family newspaper?
A: What's a family newspaper?

John Mitchell: [on phone] You tell your publisher, tell Katie Graham she's gonna get her tit caught in a big wringer if that's published.
Ben Bradlee: [later] He really said that about Mrs. Graham?
Carl Bernstein: [nods]
Ben Bradlee: Well, I'd cut the words "her tit" and print it.
Carl Bernstein: Why?
Ben Bradlee: This is a family newspaper.

-Scene from "All the President's Men." - 1976


Years ago, newspaper editors were often heard to say, "Our paper is a family newspaper."

Prior to the 1970s, Miami's two daily newspapers refused to run ads for X-rated movies.

Then, in the late 70s, ad managers at the Miami Herald and Miami News relaxed their policies but limited the size of such ads to one column wide by two inches deep.

That was then.

Here's an ad that ran on the front page of today's South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Click here (ahem) to enlarge.

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