Sunday, May 04, 2014

Philip Levine, Miami Beach's not-ready-for-primetime mayor, traveled to Washington DC this weekend and made a complete ass of himself

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Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine proved this weekend why he just may be South Florida's most hypocritical politician.

Levine traveled to Washington to participate in some of the activities surrounding this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Mayor Dickhead spent much of Saturday posting pics of himself to Facebook and that showed him at his douchey best.


Every photographer - myself included - who's ever covered an event like this has had to deal with someone like Levine: Pompous and obnoxious jerks who spend half their time constantly jumping in shots they haven't been asked to participate in, and then spend the other half of their time sucking up to famous and powerful people they've never met in order to get them to pose for a picture.

Wouldn't you love to have been a fly on the wall and been able 
to eavesdrop on the conversation that preceded 
this wonderful Kodak moment? 
Eric Holder's expression says it all.

Question: Why is Wolf Blitzer not smiling?
Answer: Because he just realized this picture is going to
be posted on Mayor Levine's Facebook page. 

By now, you're probably asking yourself: Okay, so Levine does come off looking a bit like a douchebag, but how does any of this make him a hypocrite?

A long-time Miami Beach resident summed it up rather nicely in an email this morning: "For someone who completely disdains the press, it's ironic that he is celebrating at their big dinner. And I love that he keeps saying he is promoting Miami Beach. No. He is promoting Mayor Dickhead."


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