Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Reasons why you should read Johnny Diaz's new book

Johnny Diaz
Johnny Diaz is a features writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

He got his start in journalism as a general assignment reporter at the Miami Herald. From there he took a job at the Boston Globe covering features before moving on to the business section where he focused on the media.

A few years ago he returned to South Florida and joined the staff of the Sun-Sentinel.

Diaz is also the author of five books.

But what makes his fifth book - Looking for Providence - different from the previous four is that it's a self-published volume.

"I wanted to experience the process of publishing from beginning to end, on my own," Diaz wrote on his blog.

So, with apologies to Buzzfeed, I've put I've put together a short listicle of the Top Five Reasons why you check out Diaz's book, Looking for Providence:
5. How many books out there combine the hot streets of Miami with the cool boulevards of Providence?

4. The book has two chapters at Channel 7 where Elias, the out-of-work Miami videographer character, lands a job interview at the NewsPlex. Does he have enough cleavage to get the gig?

3. There’s a Andy Cohen-clone named Randy Zohan who takes a deep interest in Ronne Reyes, the young reporter character. Randy makes Ronnie an offer he just can’t say no to. (And we’re not talking about a Fifty-Shades-of-Grey deal, people.)

2. The one and only Books and Books in Coral Gables also appears in the book. That’s where Elias organizes a book signing for his famous broadcaster mother who gets interviewed by a certain celebrity writer named Perez Hilton, ah I mean, Tommy Perez.

1. Lastly, Johnny is a nice guy who works hard at writing positive light-hearted stories about gay Cubans and their amigos. Besides Providence, he’s looking for readers, so help the guy out, will ya?

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