Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another day at Local 10, another act of stupidity

An iPhone in the hands of an idiot is a dangerous thing.

If you want proof, just Google the words "inappropriate selfie" or "stupid selfie."

What follows are some examples of really stupid and inappropriate selfies that have shown up on the Internet recently.

This idiot took a selflie at Auschwitz. 
(Click all images to enlarge.)

Late last year an idiot took a selfie as cops tried to talk a man
out of committing suicide. Someone else took her picture,
and, as you can see, she ended up on the cover of the NY Post. 

No caption needed on this, except to say he's clearly an idiot. 

Yesterday I wrote about an epidemic of stupidity that threatens to destroy what little is left of TV station Local 10's reputation and credibility.

A once proud news operation is now being overrun by selfie-taking idiots and Instagramming morons who call themselves "journalists."

Today a "mole" at Local 10 sent me incontrovertible photographic proof that the stupidity at the station isn't just confined to the "talent." (Yes, inexplicably, "talent" is the word that's used to describe the people you see on your TV screen.)

This morning a fire alarm was tripped at Local 10....which presented four producers idiots with an opportunity to run outside and take a selfie in front of a fire truck.

But the stupidity didn't end there.  One of the producers idiots actually put the image on the air.

"At Local 10, we don't just cover the news, we are the news!"
(Click here to enlarge.)

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