Thursday, September 04, 2014

A Miami police officer got himself arrested this morning by Miami Beach cops on a crap-load of charges

Miami police officer Christopher Vital.
(Photo: NBC Miami)
In 2012, Miami police officer Christopher Vital received a "Community Policing Award" from his department for his work as a Neighborhood Resource Officer in Coconut Grove.

But lately, things have been spiraling out of control for Vital.

Last year he was arrested by Miami-Dade police after getting into a fight with someone while attending a Dolphins game at Sun Life Stadium. He was charged with disorderly intoxication, but the charges were dismissed after he entered a pre-trial diversion program.

This morning, Vital was arrested again...this time by Miami Beach police.

However, the charges he's facing this time around won't be so easy to beat.

Early Thursday morning Miami Beach cops chased Vital at speeds of 100 mph after he blew past police and fire vehicles that were on the scene of an accident on the MacArthur Causeway.

From the arrest form: 

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From CBS Miami:
A records check revealed Vital had a suspended license and the car had a tag seizure order.

When the officer searched the vehicle, the arrest affidavit said a plastic pill container with marijuana inside.

Also, police reported finding a black back pack in the back seat that contained several plastic bags of heroin and cocaine.

Stefanie Malvin.
An arrest affidavit revealed the passenger, Stefanie Malvin, possessed two small bags of cocaine and when she reportedly offered for officers to search her purse, they located another bag of cocaine.

She was also arrested and charged with possessing a controlled substance.

During the transport to a holding facility, officers stated in the arrest affidavit that Vital began hitting his head against the vehicle’s partition and said, “I’m going to blame you for the injuries on my head, I’m going to say you did this to me and I’m going to hunt you down, you and your family and I’m gonna have your job.”

The report also states Vital kicked the passenger side window out of the officer’s car.

After arriving at the holding facility, Vital reportedly said, “It doesn’t matter what you do to me, as soon as I get out I’m going to shoot myself.”

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