Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Turmoil at WLRN

Victor Kendall, the CEO of Friends of WLRN, the fundraising arm of the school board-owned radio and TV station WLRN, has been fired.

A school board source tells me that Kendall's firing was announced to the station's staff last Friday.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Kendall has been with Friends since June 2012.

From my source:
Victor Kendall
They're being very tight-lipped about it. No emails, no news releases - they don't want anything leaking out.

They did act rather quickly in pulling any fundraising spots off the air that were voiced by Kendall.

It's suspected that he didn't give school board the financial documents they requested 10-12 months ago. Didn't reach fundraising goals, mismanaged the money terribly, and was a bully in the workplace. It's been a long time coming.... And the school board is putting its foot down and moving entire Friends operations back into the WLRN building.

Also out at WLRN is Marlene Figueroa Ross, the station's Director of Strategic Communications, and station manager John Labonia's close confidant. A source tells me she resigned her position, making Labonia a very unhappy camper.

Stay tuned, as they say....

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