Thursday, March 24, 2016

Legendary photographer Walt Michot leaves Miami Herald today after 43 years in photojournalism

Video by Walt Michot


Walt Michot sometime in the 1980s.
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Today is Miami Herald photographer Walt Michot's last day at the paper.

His wife Emily - also a Herald photographer - posted the following on Facebook this morning:
After 43 years in the newspaper photography business, beginning in 1973 at the Hollywood Sun Tattler, then on to the Fort Lauderdale News and Sun Sentinel before joining his true home at the Miami Herald in 1983, Walter Michot, is signing off today, retiring from his dream job. Or, as he would say each day, over the old two-way radios in the Herald company cars of years past: 10-7. (Out of service.)

Bystander at a shooting in Overtown last February.
Photograph by Walt Michot / Miami Herald

Reached at the Herald, Walt's boss, photo editor Roman Lyskowski told me that Michot was one of the paper's most reliable photographers. "He was the calm in the eye of the storm. He'll be missed." 

Walt told me today that he's got plenty to keep him busy. Walt and Emily have two teen-age sons and he says he'll now have more time for his hobby, horticulture.

Facebook killer Derek Medina is fingerprinted in a Miami courtroom
on Nov. 25, 2015 after being found guilty of murdering his wife.
Photograph by Walt Michot / Miami Herald

See more of Walt's work at Google Images by clicking here.

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