Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Miami Herald's Monique Madan has written what just may be the worst story in the paper's history

When Monique Madan isn't taking idiotic selfies, she's writing
idiotic stories for the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald sent Monique Madan to Little Havana today to cover a demonstration by some Cuban exiles who are terribly upset that President Barack Obama is visiting Cuba.

Mdadan began her story with this bilge: "Gloria Argudin stood before hundreds of protesters in Little Havana. Her eyes welled with tears, her fists tightened with anger."
"Today is a sad day for me," the 78-year-old said. "I never thought that I would see a president of the United States of America landing Air Force One in a communist Cuba. I grew up learning first hand what it was like to flee communism and oppression."

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And then amazingly, Madan manages to get Florida's Lt Governor Carlos López-Cantera, to give her the exact quote that Gloria Argudin gave her.

What's even more amazing is López-Cantera's assertion that he "grew up learning first hand what it was like to flee communism and oppression," even though he was born in Spain in 1973. But Madan just lets that slide.

But if Madan's story isn't enough to set your gag reflex into overdrive, check out this tweet she sent out:

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We don't know much more about Fuentes other than his age. Madan never bothered to ask him what year he arrived in Miami or how much government assistance was provided to him through the generosity of U.S. taxpayers to help him get on his feet when he arrived in the United States.

Mercifully, Madan's story is little more than 500 words....ending like it began....with more bilge: "We want the Cuban people overflow the streets today!" one woman yelled. The crowd supported her stance by screaming "Cuba Libre."


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