Sunday, April 24, 2016

Elitsa Bizios can't stop texting

WSVN's Elitsa Bizios can't stop texting

You started noticing it a few years ago. You'd be at dinner with some friends or family and glance at the family sitting at a table beside you.

Perhaps it was a family like yours...a mom and dad, and two or three teen daughters...or sons.

The mother and father were talking to each other. And the kids? You guessed it....they were all looking down at their smart phones.

Well, I have some bad news for you. Some of those girls have grown up and are now working for your local TV station.

Here's part of a video I found this morning on WSVN's Facebook page.

That's Elitsa Bizios reporting on a shooting at a strip club in NW Miami-Dade.

Now let's zoom in for a closer look at what Bizios is doing.

That's right....the little girl who was sitting at that table next to you in the restaurant a few years ago, is now on your local TV station...and she still can't stop texting. God help us all.

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