Sunday, April 17, 2016

Yesterday's 'Floatopia' on Miami Beach was a disaster, and Miami Beach's absentee mayor Philip Levine is so pissed he's comparing it to the Holocaust

Video by Tavaris B

They had a Floatopia event on Miami Beach yesterday.

By all accounts, the estimated 100,000 several thousand people who attended left behind a mound of trash and filth that took hours to clean up. 

In a video posted on Facebook last night, an angry and "embarrassed" Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco vowed the event "will never happen in Miami Beach again."

For the record, Miami Beach's occasional parking enforcement officer and infrequently-seen mayor, Philip Levine - who is out of town campaigning for Hillary Clinton - is also angry.

How angry? 

So angry that he woke up his social media "branding manager" from a deep sleep this morning and had him channel that anger through Facebook posts and Tweets that seemed to compare yesterday's Floatopia to the Holocaust and the 9/11 disaster.

Click here to enlarge.

But if the ridiculous comparisons to authentic tragedies weren't bad enough, the person who posted the memes used pictures that weren't even shot yesterday. They're from a Floatopia event that took place in California in 2009.

 After deleting his original Facebook post, Levine re-posted new photos with this note: "The disruption to our beaches, residents and visitors caused by Floatopia will NOT be tolerated. Per the note below, although this is NOT a city sanctioned event, I have already spoken to our City Manager Jimmy Morales and I plan to bring this up at our next Commission meeting to approve a plan which would STOP this event from happening on our beaches going forward."

This also happened last night on South Beach....

Oh, and there was that shooting one block from the Miami Beach Police station. Other than that, everything was just fine.


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