Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Isabel Mascareñas is a perfect example of why you should never believe anything you hear on TV news

Isabel Mascareñas with the trophy she received in high school
for winning the 100 yard dash....or maybe it was cooking.

Ordinarily I wouldn't waste my time looking at a TV station website in another part of the state.

But last night I received a Google News alert with a link to a story on the website of a Tampa TV station.

"Bradenton Beach police chief sends warning to Floatopia organizers," read the headline of a story by WTSP's Isabel Mascareñas.

And after reading the first sentence of the story, I was reminded why I normally avoid reading anything on a TV station website.

"It’s a massive float party that left Miami’s South Beach trashed and now rumors on social media say it’s coming to the Bay area," wrote Mascareñas.

Of course there is no place in Miami that's known as South Beach.

What Mascareñas should have written was Miami Beach's South Beach.

So I headed on over to Twitter to school her on South Florida geography.

Click image to enlarge.

That's right, Mascareñas thinks so little of her followers' intelligence or their ability to understand simple facts, she'd rather make up sh*t and mislead them, rather than take a few seconds to explain that South Beach is in Miami Beach, and not Miami. You an actual journalist would do.

So there you have it folks: One more reason why should never believe anything you see or hear on TV "news." Especially if it's coming from the lips of Isabel Mascareñas.

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