Saturday, December 17, 2016

In Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine's world, everything is 'AMAZING!'

If Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is depressed about Hillary Clinton - who he campaigned for non-stop - losing the election to a spray-tanned, failed mail-order steak salesman, he certainly isn't letting it show it on Facebook or Twitter.

Because in Phil Levine's world, the glass is always half full, the skies are always sunny, and on his Facebook page everything is AMAZING! And Levine apparently - unlike Donald Trump who knows the best words - knows just one word: "amazing."

This probably means that the mayor didn't get the memo that a 2012 survey recommended the word "amazing" be banished from the English language due to its overuse.

(It should also come as no surprise that "incredible" is another one of Levine's favorite social media adjectives.)

Here are a few recent posts on Levine's Facebook page where he demonstrates that he knows how to turn a frown upside-down.

And a check of of Levine's Twitter feed finds that everything is also AMAZING!

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